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The Tote Project

In celebration of International Women's Month, Our Reworked World has collaborated with JIS's Womenesia, a school based Service Organization, to release reversible tote bags made by Indonesia's hard-working women.

As COVID restrictions begin getting lifted, shops are reopening in hopes of rebuilding their communities. In light of this news, we collaborated with Petenunan Astiti, a local women-led sustainable fashion business based in Klungkung, Bali. The owner of this Shop, Ibu Astiti described the struggles she faced while leading her business during the pandemic as 'heart-wrenching' and 'tough'. One of the hardest parts for her was having to let go of several weavers, women who each had families to support. Our Reworked World hopes that The Tote Project with Womenesia, can help empower at least a few tailors, weavers, and female entrepreneurs across Indonesia.

As a Slow Fashion organization, Our Reworked World is committed to using environmentally sustainable practices and collaborating with small local businesses. All materials used to create the tote bags are sustainably sourced, with both the planet and people in mind.

The colorful fabrics are made with a series of traditional manual machines operated by female weavers in Ibu Astiti's business.

The plain fabrics are handwoven in Klaten, Indonesia and local markets in Jakarta.

All bags are sewn together by local tailors and designed by the members of Our Reworked World.

All profits from The Tote Project will go to Womenesia's partner, Yayasan Mary Jane, to help support more women learn vocational skills such as sewing and printing and help them receive a more reliable income source.

View the catalog:

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