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Petenunan Astiti

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

Before the pandemic struck, Ibu Wayan Astiti’s fabric business in Klungkung, Bali was quite established with a community of women working as weavers and 35 machines. She had countless tourists visiting their shop, appreciating the traditionally made fabrics and the intricate process behind it. However Covid-19 severely impacted this small business as they were unable to export any of their goods. Their sales dropped dramatically and they were near the brink of bankruptcy. In the face of the pandemic, they were forced to let go of several weavers. Ibu Wayan and her remaining employees, afraid of losing their source of income, also had to sell 25 of their prized weaving machines. As Bali begins to open up once again, they are hopeful to rebuild their business and community.

Desa Jerokapal is a small village in Klungkung on the island of Bali - Since the pandemic tourism in the region has dropped drastically. However, schools have begun to reopen up and students can be seen walking through the quiet streets.

Manual Wooden Machine (Alat Jantra dan Undar) used in one of the initial steps of the fabric making process.

Ibu Wayan Sudiasti working with the "mesin pintal".

Pak Komang is pictured marking out the design using a string.

Tenunan Indie Home ordered by the company.

An up close shot of Ibu Made Bukti weaving the green fabric.

Ibu Ketut Suryani weaving the Indie Home design on the red fabric

Some of the fabrics purchased by Our Reworked World to be used for sustainable reversible tote bags.

Vibrant fabrics are seen piling up over time, waiting to be purchased by any visitors.

More fabrics purchased by Our Reworked World.

Final product of the woven designs in the fabrics.

Ibu Wayan Astiti (right) pictured with her husband, Bapak Nyoman (left), out side of their store.

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